Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Five Look At Busy Body Busy Lizzie & The Case Of A Serious Hounding!

On my previous blog  I discussed how Lizzie cornish  had reacted to his Napoleon story!!! It was absolutely childish and not at all necessary. Following that   I had suggested to Lizzie Cornish that she should  stop hounding George Rolph. ''' . I will ask you this one time only, why don't you just stop hounding George. Leave him to do his thing and use your energy doing good things to help people with mental illness, not attack them. This is what you claim to be about. Prove it.''' and we had silence from her for over 24 hours.

Great I thought, she might just have decided to focus on helping others instead of continuing her attacks of George. But I was wrong.

George post a link on his facebook page (HOW DARE HE) It was a clip about a woman having a tantrum because her husband was to busy to take her to the lake. It has been viewed almost 127,000 times in the past 2 days. It has been shared all over facebook, mostly by people who saw the funny side of it. Regardless of why we viewed it or shared it, we can and we have the right to.

Of those 127,00 viewers and countless comentators, How many who commented or shared got lambasted???   George Rolph did by Busy Body Busy Lizzie Cornish. Gosh is she for real or what. I am not going to dedicate much time to her as I am busy doing other things. Top of Form


Lizzie Cornish  - Dear George R, May I politely suggest that you learn about Autism, rather than constantly try to portray some women as being emotional abusers etc. You do yourself, and others, a grave injustice in portraying yourself as being such an un-intelligent and vindictive twit (change vowel in last word to suit emotion) When you have learned about Meltdowns, which happen a great deal to folks who have Autism, often being sparked off by something that others may not be upset about in the slightest, then you will understand how cruel you are being to those less fortunate than yourself. Also, please note that the man in your latest video was laughing at his wife's meltdown, laughing at her deep distress and confusion and was utterly manipulating her into becoming so deeply distressed whilst he took pleasure in filming it all, so that those men who loathe women and want to blame them for everything they possibly can, would use his video to vent their own revolting outlook on other humans who simply need much love, understanding and compassion. I feel desperately concerned that this man has treated his wife like this, but you, of course, will not see this at all. Nor will you even start to understand the evil he has done in putting such a distressing video out on the internet, which again shows his utter contempt for a woman he has CHOSEN to be with. She would be FAR better off without him, and in the loving care of those who will be able to help her terrible fears, distress and confusion. HOW you DARE to set yourself up as a 'Hero' of The Vulnerable! It seems to me that your Egotistical Self doesn't give a shit about anyone EXCEPT you, which is why you are also able to continue to harrass and slander some of the people who supported you the most in your 'campaign'. It is now my belief that you intended, right from the start of this, to use others to get your campaign rolling, then you would claim to 'take back YOUR campaign' and proceed to try to wipe out the very people who had got your campaign so much recognition, thus ensuring that you, and you alone, would get all the praise and recognition, which, in my opinion, is what you so desired to have in the first place. We were NEVER in this for ourselves, ONLY for those who are too ill, too traumatized or too vulnerable to speak for themselves. You KNOW that one of the people you are harrassing suffers from PTSD themselves, which you 'claim' to have too. You know this because I know they told you. I believe that NO **TRUE** sufferer of PTSD would **EVER** choose to bring such an attack of trauma upon another sufferer, for they know exactly how it feels and would never want anyone else to endure what they themselves have endured. I have spoken with other PTSD sufferers and they have all said exactly this. I feel that YOU, however, not only DO this, but you also ENJOY doing this, with your 'Enid' and 'Mildred' blogs and various other pages around the internet and on Facebook, which I feel you may well have. You are VERY computer savvy, having been on the internet for many, many years now. You have linked to these blogs yourself, via your personal FB page. Those blogs link to all the stories about you. They also link to each other. There is ALSO an entire FB page which links to many of these blogs too. ALL of these pages can, and will, be traced back to the computer/s of the person who put them on the internet. You also have the gall to have shared some links from the ATOS Miracles page, to your own, whilst some of the truly Good Men & Women True behind that page are the VERY people you are publically slandering and defaming. You have no sense of shame, nor guilt, nor care for those whom you know have suffered much in their lives, but who came to stand beside you, only for some of them to end up being verbally abused and slandered by you. YOU have to live with what you have done, not me. I just hope that the more of these foul videos you fill your page up with, the more people will come to realize that you are, in my opinion, a man who takes great pleasure in using those less fortunate to make a point about your hatreds.


Footnote from enid

p.s. There was no suggestion that the lady in this video sufferers from autism. My own opinion is that I am sure if a husband knew his wife had a mental health problems or issues or something, he would expect these tantrums and would not mock her for them let alone put them on youtube. If that was the case, the said wife would probably divorce the man.

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