Friday, 5 July 2013

George Rolph Suspends Hunger Strike on Day 46 Following 'Death Threats' Alleges George.


To all my Facebook friends and followers.

I have, for tactical reasons, decided to suspend my hunger strike. I have taken this decision because it became clear to me over the last week, that my activist support base in not substantial enough to continue with any hope of success.

Following a deliberate, nasty, vicious and sustained attack, which included written physical threats on my life, libel, misrepresentations of my views and writings, as well as clever attempts to both undermine the campaign by sucking away supporters using fear and smears, and by the creation of attack pages that potential supporters were asked to view before being talked out of supporting the campaign and its aims, it was clear to me that I needed time to rebuild a core support base of people, willing to work on behalf of the disabled community, currently under sustained governmental, economic and political attack.

I should add that the police have been informed of these activities and I am hoping that charges will be brought in the future.

The nature of these attacks have NOT surprised me in the least and neither have I been intimidated by them. (I have faced these very things before and my home has also come under attack from misguided groups like these in the past). Rather, they have revealed just what kind of people, often posing as 'carers,' are REALLY like inside.

It should be clear to anyone thinking seriously about these matters, that caring for the disabled is the last thing on these peoples agenda. No one caring for such a vulnerable group as this countries disabled so obviously are, would place their own personal political views above the needs of those people and attack them, indirectly, by seeking to destroy such a potent symbol of protest as my hunger strike. To do so reveals a disturbing lack of proportion, empathy and care as well as – because of the manner in which it was done – a huge degree of mental and emotional dysfunction that is truly shocking. Though hidden behind a 'disabled activist' public persona, once revealed in all of its naked and vicious horror, displayed nothing less than a brutal disregard for the lives and well being of others.

Whether their aims were political, personal, or simply some distorted idea of revenge; or even a balance of any of those reasons; their actions were savage, disgusting, sustained, criminal and frankly, evil. However, we must now let justice take its own course and not do, write or say ANYTHING that could prejudice that final attempt at justice. I am NOT looking for anyone to attack these people in any way. That is what the police and the law are for and vigilantism is never the right answer to attacks like these. Anyone found making such attacks will be banned from the campaign and this page for good.

The campaign is NOT over and neither is the hunger strike. I propose to allow myself two weeks for my body to recover. Formally ending my hunger strike, for this period, at midnight tonight. However, in exactly two weeks I shall begin another forty day hunger strike. At the end of that period I will eat again for two weeks and then commence another forty day hunger strike if necessary and so on, until the government meet my two simple requests for justice for the nations disabled. 

For the next two weeks I shall be very busy and I will need YOUR help. I want YOU to help me rebuild my support base and help me to police it. Anyone who is found to undermine the protest in any way WILL BE EXCLUDED. If you find people doing that and have evidence for it, I want YOU to report it directly to me. I am not interested in your 'feelings' or 'gut instincts,' only in evidence. I shall then take the necessary actions. This is to ensure that no more unstable people can enter the campaign and seek to destroy it from within.

If you – as I hope you will – recruit others to the campaign, I shall rely upon you to appraise them of past attempts to destroy the campaign and to warn them of attempts that may be made to draw them away from it. I would like you to encourage them to report any such attempts and KEEP all texts or other messages attempting to persuade them and send them to me. Those messages etc., should CLEARLY identify who the people are that are sending them. All libels, threats etc., will be given to my lawyer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have remained loyal and supportive throughout this difficult period. Some of you have been with me from the very start, others have come later. All of you are very precious to me and to all of the disabled out there who need our help. My Lord and My God will bless you as I do.

I love you all. Even the haters. Thank you.

George Rolph
Day 46 of my hunger strike for justice for the disabled.

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