Friday, 19 July 2013


The hard thing about being accused of being George is a) George gets all the flack when I write and b) I would hate people to think I was a UKIP supporter.
I note that Lizzie is on the war path again about George. Poor bloke. All he wanted to do was get some notice drawn to the facts of what Atos and DWP are doing to the disabled people in this country.
All we wanted to do was support him.

With all that has happened by way of the nasty and vile attacks on George and his Character, the way that various groups and people on the internet have acted and reacted, I for one would certainly welcome police intervention. I have committed no crimes. I have just tried to share the truth of the matter.

It is not against the law for me to write about things I read on the internet, particularly when I can show the evidence of my readings, like in the case of Gina Ravens, Bernadette Del Aguila/Scar Sugarplum. All these things I have written about are facts. It is not against the law for me to have an opinion either.
Today Lizzie Cornish is proudly displaying an image of the blog  'commonly known as mildred' (whom she believes to be George) and a threat that she is going to the police. Well please do Lizzie, as I can tell you now, what you have written on your page looks more like a threat than anything that I have ever written, worse than anything I have seen written on the mildred blog, and worse than anything I have seen written by  George.

I am sure George would be more than happy for you to chase the police up. After all, it was he who received a death threat not you.

Do you really think George has no support? You have all done your hardest, and let's face it, yes there are a lot of you and you have been about a long time BUT that does not give you the right to behave as you have against George. In my own honest opinion, if I was George I would not bother with the hunger strike until the whole truth about what is behind all this is out in the open. At this point all I will say is that I still stand firm on my opinion of Gina Ravens, writer for the Welfare News Service, and also what I have put about Scar Sugarplum. There was not an ounce of professionalism in what they did to George that is why I do not trust their motives. If you really cared about people, particularly mentally ill people, you would not hound and ridicule and try your hardest to make life difficult for that person. All the information I have collected from public sources and shared is legitimate. 

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