Saturday, 20 July 2013

Five Look At The Return Of The Sugarplum Fairy.

Well well well, as if by magic, the sugarplum fairy reappeared this week. Strangely enough the first place she turned up on her return was on Lizzie Cornish's page. Dang does  that put pay to my 'Lizzie the sucked in drama queen' theory?

An update from yesterdays blog 'for the last time, I am not George Rolph'

You will see that our friend Lizzie Cornish had published a message to George,( it was more of a  warning actually)  over comments made on a blog that George is nothing to do with. 

I don't know if you picked up on that warning from Lizzie to George, it was given a heart by Rebecca Jane Watson who if I remember rightly had a lot to say about George during the vile and disgusting attack on him. In any case, the posts were removed from Lizzies wall soon after I published the blog about it.

It is strange how things keep disappearing. The Welfare News Service Donate Button is still missing from their page. I still wonder why. If it was perfectly legitimate they would not have removed it would they? Who knows.

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