Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Where has the Sugarplum Fairy Gone?

From George Rolphs Facebook Page 
OK...For those of you who witnessed the sick attacks on me started here on FB by two women and a man because I refused to toe the political line and grovel to the totalitarian lefties, you will recognise the comments on the page below as more of the same.

As you read (If you do )what these psycho's have to say and get a measure of their character, think about WHY they are sitting on a local paper news site ready and waiting to make comments like this and keep in mind, this is a seperate group from those who attacked me here on FB. What is more, the group on this site began their attacks on me BEFORE the psyco's here on FB started. The aims of both attacks are of course, the same: to intimidate potential supporters into keeping silent. Ruin any local support base if possible and to ridicule my protest.



I don't know about you but I LOVE scaring the bully boys and girls. It makes my day.

The smart among you will begin to smell a very smelly political rat, and the very smart among you will know this has nothing to do with the 'right wing' bogeyman stories the left loves to feed everybody. There is virtually no right wing left in this country. Cameron, Boris Johnson, Theresa May all of them, are a bunch of lefties dressed in Tory clothes.

But then, you knew that....Right?

Anyway. My thanks go out to Patrick, the Journalist at the local NewsShppper for keeping the story alive and for being so kind.

Oh and by the way....the photos the NewsShopper are using are part of a batch taken at the START of my protest. A lot of weight has been shed since then.

Oh and one more thing.

I am interested in finding local monitors who would be prepared to come in at least twice a week and monitor progress of my next hunger strike. That will include weighing me (In my pants if you can stand it), taking any pictures of me they wish (Not in my pants!) and having free reign of the house to look for 'hidden food stores' as one of my enemies claimed must be here because I was, 'too lucid' to be on a hunger strike. What I DO NOT WANT....is naggers telling me to give up....Do that and as Alan Sugar likes to say, "Your'e Fired!"

OK. Thanks everyone.


In response

Everything George wrote about the vile attack on him is true. The difference is he believes it to be the work of 'lefties'

In my opinion it is more likely be the work of people interested in making money out of the misery of others. They get an audience, lay a scene then play it out. Of course innocent bystanders get sucked into the momentum and those making the money act as 'agent provocateurs'

Politics didn't come into it. In my opinion the fact that many of the players are involved in market networking.

One of the people involved from ATOS MIRACLES group, Scar Sugarplum/ Bernadette Del Aquila/ phone pest as identified in my previous article  

Five look at Atos Miracles and Welfare News Service.


You have to be asking yourself who these people are and why would they behave so appallingly.

Who actually is Welfare News Service?
We can only see who the guest bloggers are.  No names or addresses of an organisation, only a donate box for upkeep of the domain name (which I think is less than $20 a year)
Gina Ravens is as we have seen a pretend psychologist who wrote an article about George Rolph on behalf of Welfare News Service. She also claims to be a writer.  The wannabe prime minister who pushes porn on her twitter account. The women who as a man abandoned 4 children and left them fatherless so he could follow his own desires. Yet who seems to think they are responsible enough to be a public figurehead and run the country.
Hazel Quinn, who recorded a song with another unknown man back in the days of black and white TV.  Is she hoping for a come back?.
Steven Preece, who writes the editors blog.  We don't know much about him so far. Is he a real person even?  Then we have Adam McVeigh, Helen Sims and Jenny Howarth who are they?
We know that Scar Sugarplum was Bernadette Del Aguila so they could be anyone. Perhaps the organisation should be more open.
One more thing, about Bernadette, as we saw she also has a daughter (maybe fictitious)  called Sophie Lines. The only Sophie Lines that I came across so far that might fit the bill was from Emerald Group Publishing. 


Is that why you continue to ask for public input?  It's the basis for your publications. You mainly just share other peoples work. Time will tell.

Regardless of how much I have got right and wrong, the facts about Bernadette and Gina are all proven. You should be hearing alarm bells if you haven't already.

P.s. It would be fair not to comment on Lizzie today as she loves a mention. I actually think Lizzie is one of those who has reacted to the 'agent provocateurs  Apart from her overbearing stalking tendencies and continual verbal diarrhea, she is probably an ok lady in a different setting. 

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