Monday, 22 July 2013

Five Look At The Mystery OF The Disappearing Donate Button on Welfare News Service website.

At this stage of the investigation, our detective on the case (Timmy) is still sniffing around.

All we know for sure is that there was one and that after it was pointed out on this blog that the pay pal account it was linked to could be going to any person, any where in the world, the donate button was removed.

Timmy has assured us that he will continue sniffing around and will update us when he has some news.

Talking about paying money to anyone anywhere in the world I have to wonder about The Emerald Publishing Group (which is associated with Sophie Lines) which is a British registered company. If you go on to their webpage to purchase for example a case study or journal, you are charged in $. Strange for an English company.

I believe the unFamous Five will be looking at Emerald Publishing more fully soon. Look out for the article.

p.s. We are still not sure whether the Sophie Lines that is the daughter of Bernadette Del Aguila is the same Sophie Lines who works for Emerald Group Publishing.

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