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George Rolph Hunger Strike update

Why is he doing it?

It is simple really, the mainstream media are not reporting on the true impact of the government's austerity cuts against the sick and disabled people in this country. It has been left to individuals to act to get a reaction by the press. Not that the press have been heavily involved in writing about George's Hunger Strike but some have.
Ros Wynne Jones' Real Britain Vulnerable George Rolph on 23rd day of hunger strike after being ruled fit for work
12 Jun 2013 00:00
His body should be in ketosis, a starvation mode where the liver processes fat. Every day becomes much more serious.
George's first hunger strike ended after 45 days when it was derailed by  some people who decided that he as an individual he did not fit in with their own agenda's. A mass online campaign to discredit him took place and eventually George decided there was no point continuing at that time and took a 2 week break before restarting his strike.
Whether or not his strike gets much publicity is another question. There are those groups and people who proclaim to 'care' about the sick and disabled and want to help them who are quite happy to make life much more difficult than it should be for a man with known mental health problems. They go out of their way to make it difficult for him and always ready to pounce when they see an opportunity.
I did wonder how long it would take into the new hunger strike before the taunts and digs started. As it happens it did not take long at all.
George posted an opening statement yesterday on his facebook page. I really liked it. It was powerful and showed that the minds of those in power could be changed so quite a good story for the start of his latest campaign.
George Rolph

14 hours ago

Hi everyone.

Day one of my hunger strike in aid of calling for mercy for the disabled from our government.

Start weight 212.00 lbs.

Hope you are all well and if not well, at least standing up to whatever ails you with all the courage you can muster. Please, read on.

Napoleon was riding at the head of his army one day when the bridle on his horse was suddenly caught by a woman.

"Sir, she cried, I beg of you. Let me speak and be patient to hear me!"

"I will hear you. Speak on." Napoleon said to her.

"Sir, the crying women began, my husband is condemned to die. I beg of you, have mercy on him and set him free. He is all that I and my children have left in this world. Your war destroyed our farm, our home and all of our belongings. I have lost four brothers who died serving you and our country. Two of my children died in the fire that took our house. It is enough! Sir, it is within your power, please, give me back my husband!"

Napoleon gazed down at the woman from his saddle above her. Behind him the whole army had halted, waiting for him to move on and he was anxious to do so.

"Woman, he said, finally, what is it your husband is accused of?"

The woman lifted her tear stained face and looked up at him.

"Sire. He is accused of treason" she said. She was trembling now. Deeply aware of the enormity of her husband's crime against the very man she was appealing too.

A look of impatient fury crossed Napoleon's face.

"Treason? Treason! Your husband plotted against me? Against France!"

"Oh sire, the woman cried, my husband was beside himself with grief. He had lost everything he had worked for. So many that he had loved. When your soldiers took our cattle to feed upon he was in a rage of anguish. It was then that he spoke in anger against you. How could he feed his surviving children and me if your army took all the food that we had? He had spoken within that rage against both you and France, but it was only his despair that cried against you. Not his heart. He has ever been loyal to France and to you, sire."

Napoleon glared down at the woman. "Let justice take its course." He said, contemptuously, and dug his spurs into the horse's flanks. The horse lunged forwards, but the crying woman kept her grip upon the bridle and prevented it. All around her, soldiers raised their guns and aimed at her but she held the bridle fast and would not let go.

"Sir, please. Grant me my petition." She begged.

"I grant you justice!" Cried Napoleon."Your husband must die. It is the law. It is what justice demands. Would you have me deny justice her rewards to save a man who spoke treason against his country and his emperor?"

Still the woman clung to his bridle.

She looked up at him. Her dirty face streaked with rivers of tears. Her body trembling in fear. She was pale. Her clothes filthy. Then, suddenly, a new courage gripped her. She pulled herself upright. Released the bridle and stared Napoleon in the eye. When she began to speak her voice was strong. Resolute.

"It is the mark of greatness upon a man that he is not only a leader who is ruthless, cunning, wise and strong; but that he carries within his heart grace and love for those who give all to follow him and support his endeavours on the fields of battle. A grace and love that runs deep within his heart, as a river runs through a gorge.

For what is a man who has neither grace or love? He is a brute! A beast! A cur, that by an accident of history has risen to be a leader. Such a man is not great, but low. Such a man is not a lion, but a wolf. Such a man is not an eagle, but common carrion!"

She stared hard into Napoleon's eyes as nervous soldiers fingers tightened on the triggers of their guns and their eyes watched closely for any physical threat this woman may pose to their emperor. Yet, even so, they has respect for this woman. She alone had halted Napoleon and his army. A feat no other had yet achieved in Europe. Though frightened and frail, she had stood up to the most feared man on the continent. Now, she lectured that man on leadership and greatness. She had rebuked him in public and, from her new proud and courageous bearing, it was clear that she was not afraid to die for her words.

She spoke again. Her words strong and clear and loud.

"Justice? She cried. Her voice unwavering and stern. I did not ask you for justice. I asked you for mercy. Justice comes from a vengeful heart. Mercy, from a heart of love. All of France knows you carry justice in your heart; but France looks on to see if you have mercy there also "

Her words had cut deeply into Napoleon's heart. He glanced over at the general beside him who carried in his hand the bronze Aigle de drapeau, the French Imperial Eagle. The symbol of the greatness of France, her empire and her leader. As he looked upon that symbol, her words rang again in his heart.

'Such a man is not great, but low. Such a man is not a lion, but a wolf. Such a man is not an eagle, but common carrion!'

He made his decision quickly and kicked his horse forward into a walk. When he was ten paces ahead of the woman, he turned to face her again. She stood now in the road between him and his army.

Napoleon raised his voice so all close to him could hear.

"I have in my heart a great love for France, as all of you who march with me also do. We love her so dearly and so completely that we are willing to leave our blood in her fields to bring her honour and glory. You men follow me because you see in me that love for France and for her people. When I lead you into battle or march at the head of this great army then I am France and France is me."

He paused and walked his horse until its head was level with the women standing there in the middle of the road and looking so defiantly up at him. He studied her for a moment before continuing.

"France is strong. France is proud. France is glorious..., but France is no cur, no wolf and no carrion. France demands justice, yes! But France must also love her people enough to extend the hand of mercy to those she wounds."

He paused again and looked down at the woman. He smiled at her and raised his head again to address the men before him.

"I decree that this woman shall be given a home and fertile land for the upkeep of her family. What France has taken, let France renew! I further decree that her husband shall receive twenty lashes for the crime of treason, that his life shall be spared and he shall be given his freedom. In this way, both justice and mercy shall be satisfied."

The soldiers before him lowered their guns and their faces split into broad smiles before they split the air with a mighty roar and cheer and threw their caps high above their heads.

Napoleon bent in the saddle and caught the woman's arm. He pulled her to him and kissed both of her cheeks.

"Go! He said, softly to her. Go and get your husband and tell him his emperor also sacrifices all for his country and loses, every day, many of his children to the enemies of France. Though their spilt blood breaks my heart and fury burns within me; and though their hunger also grieves me, yet I am loyal. Tell your husband that is all that France requires of him."

The woman kissed his hands and then moved to the side of the road. Napoleon wheeled his horse and the army marched on. Beside him, the general held high the Aigle de drapeau. Behind him the cheering soldiers and the weeping grateful women cried as one, "Vive la France! Vive la France!"

Today we begin another 40 day protest together. The aim is simple; we seek to discover if our leaders are cur, wolves and carrion or great, lions, and eagles. Their own actions from this day forwards will determine what they are and how our history will remember them.

Fight with me and together we shall seek both justice AND mercy for those who cannot fight for themselves.

George Rolph
July 21st 2013
Of course whilst most of us found it a perfectly acceptable thing to be written, one particular person who we know is not George's greatest fan seemed to go into meltdown over it.
'''Lizzie Cornish  ' you know what my mind is like when I get folks who are little shits attacking me, and well, now one of them has seemingly turned into Napoloen, and my fingers are twitching, whilst my laughing gene is making me fall over sideways with stories and thoughts and I'm trying to be sooooooo good, but I know it's all going to bubble out soon!
13 hours ago · ''''''

Why on earth would Lizzie Cornish think that the story was an attack on her?
George Rolph posted about her reaction on his facebook wall, I presume  to show people just what  it is like for him. Is he not entitled to choose what he writes on his own wall?
Of course this sent Lizzie into a right spin and she could not resist one of her big emotional drama queen outpourings that she is so good at.
Lizzie Cornish

11 hours ago
Dear you're reduced to copying my posts to your page now, eh? Well, well, well...So, that's a photo of mine you've stolen to start up a hate campaign against me, whilst leaving very sick comments on your page, breaking ALL of Facebook's rules, hence it disappeared...and then we have your Enid and Mildred blogs too...My, my, what a busy little Hunger Striker you are, eh?

Still, if you can remember exactly who are you, for more than a few hours, you should be OK.

Would you like to know how the rest of your Troops are doing, oh, Emperor? The ones whom you used, then abused SO badly, writing slanderous lies about them on the internet?

Well, I WOULD tell you but you don't give a shit, do you. ALL you want is cloying admirers who worship you and see you as their Saviour and their Hero.

I really DO hope that they can stop salivating over you long enough to actually DO SOMETHING to try to bring ATOS down, but I'm sure their Religous Bile will soon be pouring forth with cries of "BURN THE WITCH!" spewing forth from their smiling lips.

YOU started this, George, NOT me, not ANY of us, although you haven't had the guts to tell your followers that. YOU deliberately chose to tear apart a campaign that we all felt was SO important, because you wanted to try to brainwash people into your thoughts and outlooks over women and gay people and right wing politics.

Basically, ANY woman who DARES to even suggest that you are about to fuck something up BIGTIME, is then put on a rack and stretched until she caves in...

Trouble is, you have picked on some very strong people this time...and we don't stretch at all, just bend with the wind...

I tell you what, YOU get rid of all your Slanderous Shit about us on the internet..and then, I'll leave you in Perfect Peace...

But if you don't, then I will continue to write about you...and the difference between what YOU write about me and what I write about you, is that everything I have written about you CAN be tracked and has been copied, for I am not stupid enough to go all over the internet writing slander about others, on a whim, for a bit of fun...

Your move, George......................

I wish Lizzie would accept that this blog has nothing to do with George and that those helping him are not his admirers, we are supporting his one man stand against the government.  We are people who like many others want to do something to highlight what is going on in this country. It is not about George Rolph, it is about his Hunger Strike against Atos & DWP.
George Rolph is not a woman hater like Lizzie always claims. I am a woman and he doesn't hate me. I do not feel threatened by the fact that he will talk about particular types of women, abusive women. I agree with George on that level. For too many years it was not believed that women could inflict domestic violence of men. Many of us have opened our eyes to the facts or have witnessed it first hand. George has every right to continue with his own life whilst also trying to do something for the wider community.
Lizzie thinks that George see's this whole thing as a big joke. She couldn't be further from the truth of the matter. I am not dedicating my time to this campaign for the fun of it. In fact, there have been times when the stress and upset of some of the comments made have made me want to stop supporting George. But then I look at the bigger picture. George is doing his best against all the odds. Not only is he battling with his own health problems, he has to contend with the likes of Lizzie and friends who seem to put every obstacle they can in his way.
I am not afraid to write about Lizzie, much as she likes to play victim she is not. I am justified in writing about her as she continually mentions my blog. Albeit because she thinks its George's.  I'm afraid I can't help her on that score. Perhaps if she gets the police involved today like she has said they might be able to confirm that fact to her.
I notice Lizzie made an offer to George '' I tell you what, YOU get rid of all your Slanderous Shit about us on the internet..and then, I'll leave you in Perfect Peace...''  If that comment is referring to anything on this blog then please address your offer to me. Not that I would take you up on it, I never post anything without the evidence to show it as fact.
I would suggest Lizzie, that you just leave George alone to continue with his hunger strike. You have made it clear you want nothing to do with it. All the time you push buttons you will get a reaction. Is that why you continue? It is evident from the blog written by your ex husbands friends that you are renowned for not giving up. I will ask you this one time only, why don't you just stop hounding George. Leave him to do his thing and use your energy doing good things to help people with mental illness, not attack them. This is what you claim to be about. Prove it.

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