Thursday, 4 July 2013

Welfare News Service Distract From TheTruth AGAIN

UPDATE: Trolls and non-supportive individuals are not welcome on this page. If you do not support the work done by the Welfare News Service, there is no reason for you to be here. We will be hardening our stance against these individuals, blocking where necessary, so as to protect and show solidarity to the vast majority who DO support our position. Why would someone follow a page they do not support other than to troll posts.

I will start from this stance: oppressors usually characterise themselves as victims in order to create a narrative to justify their actions

There were no troll or abusive posts on WNS page yesterday so why would they suggest there was?

Yesterday, WNS decided to publish my first blog and then thought better of it and removed it after Hazel Quinn came on and said 'oh, don't feed trolls'  Well I wasn't a troll, you chose to publish the article for a short period before removing it. I am pleased you did as over 200 people read it and might now be beginning to wonder why Bernadette Del Aguila is connected to a telepest phone number and they might also question where the money from the donate button to a paypal account goes to.

WNS are trying to create the impression that silly trolls are being naughty and saying things that are not true. They are trying to disrupt the good work of the page they say. Who would do that to kind members of the public who have come together to fight the terrible austerity cuts.

The truth is  I have not ever posted on the page but any member of the public can read it. I do not read it to mess about, I read it to try and make sense of what is actually going on.

I also thought WNS was a good page until I saw the organised attack of a man with known mental health issues by people associated in the top level connected to this group. To me that was as unprofessional as you would find.  No professional organisation  would uses such bully boy tactics unless they were trying very hard to cover up something. 

An new narrative is being included. That those supporting George Rolph are encouraing his death. NO AT ALL. Many of us  have always tried to  encourage George on a different route but he is his own man. These groups were all to happy to support his hunger strike themselves. You have to ask why they suddenly changed their mind. They never said it was because they feared he would die, they said he was a nutcase and made him look like a dangerous man and a woman hater. Georges only crime was that he would not play their game (what ever it is) 

Today WNS are still playing victim to trolls. No trolls visited the page. The link to the page was posted by them in a double bluff to make people think it was lies. 

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