Saturday, 20 July 2013

Five look at Hazel Quinn of Atos Miracles & Scar Sugarplum/Bernadette Del Aguila

Hazel Quinn wrote her first tweet on 22 October 2011, almost 2 years ago. From the beginning of her twitter account  she has campaigned on behalf of the sick and disabled and the disgusting things that have happened to them and for that she gets my support. There is a definite need for spokes people to stick up for ALL sick and disabled people and those who are let down by the government and others.  

I do wonder what happened between then and now.  The founder of the group page 'Atos Miracles' (which was meant to be satire) was well received by the public. Whilst on the face of it 'Atos Miracles' seems to be a worthwhile and much needed campaign group, the fact that Bernadette Del Aguila/Scar Sugarplum  is involved on a high level casts doubt over the whole set up. It might of course be the case that Hazel Quinn is oblivious to the true picture has been buried except for my persistence to support a mentally ill man who was disgustingly treated by people who proclaim to 'CARE'

I note with interest that Scar Sugarplum is now very much sucking up to Sonia Poulton who will be working on the new citizens tv channel 'The People's Voice'. I hope she doesn't get sucked in by her. After all the new tv channel is meant to be about the people and their voice and if a blind eye is turned to some peoples actions, then it would be no better than the BBC. George Rolph has just as much right as any other person to express his opinions. We might not all agree with them, just as I do not agree with many other people's opinions, but George Rolph went on hunger strike to help bring attention to the austerity cuts in this country. He should not have been so cruelly treated.

As previously mentioned in blog entry I am non trusting of scar sugarplum/Bernadette Del Aquila  for obvious reasons.
I am still not sure of the connection between Atos Miracles and Welfare News Service, but there must be one for WNS to take the public lead on the vile attack on a man with mental health issues. The fact that Gina Ravens felt qualified to write a psychological report on him when her certificate in gender realignment counselling was her only credential. She has never met George, nor has George had or nor does he intend to have gender realignment as far as I am aware.

And so the puzzle continues and another blog entry trying to untangle the tangled web that has surrounded George Rolph by those who proclaim to be all loving, all giving and all caring.

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